Thursday, September 28, 2006

Strength found through Remebrance

Danticat chooses to show how strength can be found in many areas of ones life. One such area is that of remembrance. The memories one has of their past and love ones gives them a strength to face the future. Sometimes the memories of a loved one and the happiness that existed at one point, give a person strength to make it through a hard time. At other times it is the suffering and injustice of the past that show a person they are not alone in their suffering and it brings comfort to them in their times for need. Also, the remembrance of those who have died helps keep their spirit alive, which brings comfort to those that are left to mourn. Danticat gives excellent examples of this in her stories.
For example in the story Children of the Sea, the lovers are separated after the revolution breaks out. They most likely will never see or contact eachother again but they write letters anyway. They use the happiness of their past to give them hope and strength through the hard times they were presently facing. Also, in Ninteen Thirty- Seven even though the mother and daughter have both suffered through great losses they are comforted by the fact that they are not suffering alone with their loss. The mother takes pilgrimages to Massacre River to remember the loss of her mother, and she is joined by other women who too have lost their mothers. She has the comfort of her mothers memory while at time is given strength by not being alone. Also, the daughter gains strength through the visit by a woman who traveled with them to Massacre River to mourn her lost loved ones. This woman joins the daughter as she too begins to mourn the death of her mother. Again the cycle continues, the daughter is comforted by her memories but gains the strength to go on because she knows she is not alone.
If it were not for our memories we would not be able to decipher between the good and bad. We would never know true happiness without knowing complete saddness. Through our memories we keep moments and people alive, they allow us to never forget how we came to where we are today. But at the same time they give confidence in the fact that we can handle what is to come. Memories build on experiences and those very experiences carry us through life. By rellaying the experiences of the saddness and joy of the characters in Krik? Krak! Danticat is giving the reader strength.