Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Legacy

The Year of the City is a good start for the immersion of Loyola students into the heart and mind of Baltimore. I believe this year was intended for Loyola students to branch out of and escape from our so called “bubble.” Although the title of the campaign labels 2006-2007 as the “Year” of the City, this slogan might create a common misconception. It was not intended for Loyola students that this year is the ONLY year to venture off of North Charles Street. Students are to learn from their city experiences this year and reflect on them. Students should then use this newly gained information for their remaining years at Loyola, and for many years after.

Although I am not sure how I would view the campaign if I was not in such a service learning program, with the aid of our class, I think I am on the right track to approaching the Year of the City. The objective of this year is not to simply have students go out into the city. They are to go out into the city, and then reflect on their incidents and experiences and then share them with others. Similar to Danticat’s message of telling stories of experience, and in return listening to others, the Year of the City can positively change secluded minds.

Loyola College’s Year of the City is important to our college culture. Although some might criticize the campaign, if approached effectively, the Year of the City will be extremely beneficial. I believe the key is to get students involved with it. I think that if more students participate, the legacy of the campaign will live on, much further than this year, or the next few to follow. The Year of the City can be Loyola College's landmark for the city of Baltimore.