Thursday, November 16, 2006

Define Diversity

Diversity? Why is that important in a city? It is clear from our past stories that diversity is important in the development of our stories and our characters. When we read Naylor’s stories we learned that diversity aka the women of Brewster Place were not going to be ignored. We learned that no wall is going to remove diversity from the city. We learn that diversity is a living breathing part of a city and without the diversity in a city the city begins to decay.
Defining diversity becomes difficult and I think Jacobs addresses that issue because for many people the word diversity is directly related to the word race. Race is not the synonym of diversity and Jacob makes it clear that although a city needs that type of diversity as well, it needs diversity in its entirety. Cities need diversity in their age population, their overall population, diversity in buildings and institutions and diversity in their businesses. Most importantly cities need a “high population” of people because as human beings we are, no mater how much it may not seen like the case, very different from one another, we are unique.
Baltimore is its own unique city and what makes Baltimore enjoyable and exciting for me is the diversity that you can find within it. I still think that there are many places that need more diversity, because many of the areas are homogeneous and it is in these areas that we see a large amount of decay. The lack of diversity in our population hinders the city and Jacobs is right in the statement that we are the ones held responsible. Even within Loyola we lack diversity and as much as we focus on city we should also focus on our campus. Because cities that ignore diversity begin to slowly decay, can’t the same be said of “campus cities”?