Thursday, October 26, 2006

Parents and their children

The constant and unwavering love and support for a child can be detrimental. Throughout the Women of Brewster Place, the relationship between Maggie and her father and Maggie and her son are similar. In these relationships the parents nurture and care for their children so much, that the child becomes spoiled. Maggie’s father cherished and supported her. Even after Maggie discovered she was pregnant, her father did not believe it was Maggie’s fault. Maggie could not do any wrong. Maggie felt the same way about her son. Maggie spoiled and loved her son to the point that his conviction was questionable, not her son’s story . The parents in these situations loved and cared for their children, so much that the child did not fear the consequence of his actions. The child always had support from his parent.
Maggie’s father got fed up, and sent Maggie away. He could not take the hurt of giving his child everything, and knowing that she had defied him. Unlike Sam, Maggie did not give up on her son. She constantly supported him financially and mentally. Maggie had only her son, and he only had her.
The children in both situations are ungrateful. Maggie defies her father in the only way she can. She sleeps with a man her father hates, and gets pregnant. Maggie’s son constantly hurts her while he is in jail he states, “‘when I am getting out of here? That’s what I want to know’. And he snatched his hand away…”(48). He does not appreciate that his mother is trying everything to get him out of jail.
The news constantly covers stories relating to children who do unimaginable acts of defiance. The problem sometimes is not that the child was unloved, but that the child was loved too much. A child does not understand the difference between right and wrong if the parent always believes he is right. However, the parent cannot stop loving his child too much because he doesn’t believe in too much love.